Benefits of Outsourcing Sales

Partnering with a representative organization such as ELUS can provide significantly lower sales cost.  Our company is a professional sales organization that only requires product training.  ELUS covers all sales related expenses such as travel, computers, cell phones, health care, retirement, and many other costs associated with employing a sales person.  Representative organizations are only paid commission on products that are sold.  This makes for an excellent proposition for any organization.

Complete Customer Coverage
ELUS is devoted to providing comprehensive coverage to all customers regardless of size.  We pride ourselves on having a professional sales team that is trained and equipped to service every customer with the quality care they deserve.

Decision Makers
Representative organizations like ELUS excel at customer service partly because of multi-line selling.  Multi-line selling provides the sales representative a portfolio of different but complementary products to offer as solutions for every customer need.  It positions the sales representative as a valuable resource for the customer and the utility. Multi-line selling also creates constant contact with the key decision making engineers.  On average, we visit our customers on a weekly basis.