Shakespeare Composite Structures is a world leader in fiberglass reinforced composites and the originator of the composite light pole. Our Tuff-Pole® engineering uses next-generation technologies to precisely control the manufacturing processes, assuring excellent repeatability and conformance to your specifications.

Our virtually maintenance-free fiberglass reinforced composite products are naturally light in weight and long on service. We engineer them to last, taking a comprehensive approach to long-term UV protection.

Tuff-Poles include round tapered and square composite poles for street and roadway lighting, landscaping, sports lighting, and general applications. Our beautiful decorative composite poles provide a variety of shaped bases, along with decorative shafts, capitals, and fixture arms that complement and enhance any streetscape. The Tuff-Pole line also includes specialty poles like our innovative hinged-base poles that make relamping an easy, ladder-free operation. Our Tuff-Stub poles simplify installation in residential subdivisions or phased construction projects, and we offer many innovative and useful options and accessories to round out your installation.

Our new non-conductive composite AcoustaWall takes care of noise around transformer yards and other utility installations, and our Lewtex® composite crossarms take care of your conductors far into the future. With more experience than anyone, Shakespeare Composite Structures offers great products and excellent customer service. If you don't find what you're looking for here, especially if you need to match one of our pole products from years past, just call.