Company Philosophy/Goal

Company Philosophy

The ELUS Company Philosophy is based on our team approach. We all work together to ensure the success of our company, our customers, and our counterparts and principals. This approach stretches across our entire organization. We believe when we work as a team we succeed as a team.

Company Goal

Our company goal is to be the best representative firm for utility sales in our region of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania and the additional territory that American Electric Power and First Energy serve. This means providing excellent customer service to both our customers and our principals. We have a sales force knowledgeable in both experience and education. We currently have seven Electrical Engineers and two Mechanical Engineers on our sales team. We make it a top priority to provide the proper tools, training, and support to our sales force to ensure they are successful. We believe in having enough feet on the street to effectively manage all of the customers in our region. This is why we have grown our staff to over 20 people to cover just 5 ½ states.